Learn 125 Intermediate Japanese Words with Risa! Japanese Vocabulary

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Okay, this one is for the more experienced, intermediate Japanese student. If you’re an absolute beginner, this may be a bit difficult. If that’s the case, check out 125 Beginner Japanese Words with Risa! to help you familiarize yourself with easier words. In this video, Risa covers some great vocabulary to help you become more fluent. This is a compilation, but all intros, outros, and upside-downtros have been cut to give you a seamless experience!

It is no secret that we love JapanesePod101, and hopefully the videos we’ve posted on Nihon Dojo prove why. This is a great company and program, which is what our founder, Steve, relies on for his own Japanese fluency. We highly recommend them and think you should check them out. They even have a “forever free” account so there’s no reason not to!

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Also, don’t forget to grab your free copy of Japanese for dummies below and never miss a post from Nihon Dojo!

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