How to INTRODUCE Yourself (Without Sounding Annoying) in Japanese

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Be careful if you have a habit of repeating the word “わたし (watashi) = I”!!!

My First Kiss (hajimete no chuu) –

Phrases you’ll learn:
☆ Nice to meet you.
★ I’m *name*. Please call me *nickname*.
/ My name is ~.
☆ I’m *nationality* (e.g. American, Canadian, English…)
★ I’m from *place*.
☆ I live in *place* (now).
★ I used to live in *place*.
☆ I’m a student.
★ I’m studying ~. (I’m studying Japanese.)

☆ I work at ___. / I’m working for ____.
/ I’m *profession*. (e.g. English teacher, programmer)
★ I like ~.
☆ My birthday is ~.
★ My blood type is ~.
☆ when to use “YOROSHIKU”!

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