Complete Japanese From Zero! Book 1 Video Series

japanese from zero

This is a short-form compilation of our Japanese From Zero! Book 1 video series. It is intended as an introductory video for beginner learners, but can also be used as review for people who have been through the book.

0:00 – Intro/Pronunciation
4:07 – Counting
12:50 – Phrases
19:32 – Sentence Structure
32:35 – Grammar
49:59 – Dates
1:06:05 – Asking for things
1:09:05 – Counters
1:20:57 – Times
1:30:26 – おつかれさま!
Author of Japanese From Zero! George Trombley recaps the entirety of the Japanese From Zero! book 1 playlist in an abridged form to help students who are learning Japanese to review quickly.

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