The Ultimate Guide To: は vs が (The ONLY lesson you need!)

Learn the DIFFERENCES between the は (wa) particle and the が (ga) particle! This is one of the hardest lessons for beginners. These two particles are easily confused, but once you understand them, you’ll be speaking like a native Japanese!
★ The differences
☆ When to Use / How to Use
★ What they mean

☆Did you know that using the は particle
instead of the が particle could be VERY rude
and offend the listener??
× 笑顔は素敵ですね。(egao WA suteki desu ne)
= Your smile is nice ….BUT!!!!

★Why do I see the が particle used more often in NEWS??

☆ AはBが~ construction

This lesson is the ONLY one you need to watch
to know about these 2 particles!!!
Hope you enjoy it 🙂


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