The Easiest Way To Learn Hiragana

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Watch my KATAKANA video next –
☆The most logical sequence for learning hiragana
★Fun and memorable mnemonics
☆Stroke orders for each character
★Basic vocabulary that puts the hiragana into action as soon as you learn it
☆Covers all characters including the dots (tenten) and the small ゃゅよ and っ.

We have developed a system that will take the pain out of learning hiragana. This system does not rely on rote repetition like many other systems advocate.

Instead it injects some fun into the process, using visualisation and fun imagination techniques.

We are also going to learn hiragana in the most logical sequence possible – which is not how most courses teach it – in order to speed up our acquisition and retention of the material.

☆ Talk with real Japanese speakers and get fluent fast with iTalki. Check out the link above and get started today!

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