Stop saying “Sayonara”: How to say “Bye” ┃NATIVE WAY

Did a textbook teach you to say “SAYONARA”? Stop using it!
If you say “sayonara” to a Japanese person, they’ll smile and nod but it’s still weird.
And they won’t let you know that. If you want to sound NATIVE, watch this lesson.
This time we’ll learn several different ways to say “Bye” / “See you later” / “See you tomorrow” / “Talk to you later” both formally and informally.

Learn the differences between:
☆さようなら (Sayounara)
★失礼します。 (Shitsurei shimasu)
☆またね (Mata-ne)
★じゃあね (Jaa-ne)
☆ じゃあ、またね (Jaa, mata ne)
★ それじゃ / そんじゃ (Sore ja / Son ja)
☆ ばいばい (bai-bai)
★ また明日 (Mata ashita)
☆ お先に失礼します。 (O-saki-ni shitsurei shimasu)
★ お疲れ様です。 (O-tsukare-sama desu)
☆ 行ってきます (Itte-kimasu)
★ 行ってらっしゃい (Itte-rasshai)

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