Japanese Listening Comprehension – At a Japanese Bookstore

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This Japanese listening practice will help you get acclimated to hearing people talk in Japanese. When I (Steve, the founder) was learning at first with JapanesePod101, I remember this exact lesson as part of my Language Portfolio (that’s a premium part of their service, and it made a huge difference for me). In any event, this is a Japanese conversation taking place in a bookstore, or 本屋 (ほんや). Listen closely and pause if you need to. This is valuable practice!

As I mentioned before, I’m Steve, the founder of Nihon Dojo dot Ninja, and while I learned to speak Japanese using a number of resources, the #1 place for me to learn has been JapanesePod101. As a Premium PLUS member, I get all audio and video lessons, reading practice, assignments and quizzes, and even Riona, my personal tutor. Of course, you can always stay a free member, as well. That said, their memberships are very inexpensive and absolutely worth their low cost.

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