Is Learning Japanese Tough? Get this ultimate beginner's pack to help you get fluent fast! 

PLUS: discover the BEST way to learn Japanese online FREE!

Beginners Pack Book Cover
  • Japanese Particles Cheat Sheets: if you're going to speak Japanese, you absolutely have to get particles right. Period.
  • Adjective Conjugations: one of the hardest things to get used to for a westerner is the idea of conjugating adjectives. This handy guide will help you never conjugate wrong again!
  • Kana and Stroke Order Charts: complete charts for both hiragana and katakana with all stroke orders so you can read and write in Japanese.
  • Practice Sheets: of course you get free paper to practice all your kana (and eventually kanji) until you get the hang of writing what you've learned!
  • Revealed: the ultimate source for learning Japanese FREE online in a way that will have you understanding and speaking Japanese like a native!

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