Best App for Learning Japanese: Becoming Bilingual via the Internet

Where technology has revolutionized every aspect of life, it has also affected how we learn. 

Learning a new language meant taking courses and studying big fat books; now, you can simply do it with your smartphone. 

For example, if you want to learn Japanese, all you really need are your phone or tablet and a stable connection to the Internet. 

The best app for learning Japanese will allow you to learn the language at your own pace anywhere you are.

If you think that learning a language with an app would be difficult, you’d be surprised to see how comprehensive some of these Japanese language learning apps are.

Learning Japanese via the Internet

The online world holds a vast ocean of knowledge. In fact, it is said that there isn’t one thing that doesn’t exist on the Internet.

Learning Japanese by attending classes and going to institutes isn’t necessary for this digital era. Alternatively, one can make use of this technology and learn.

From anime to manga, there are plenty of sources to immerse yourself in the Japanese language.

Then again, although videos and comics are good, they are definitely not sufficient. 

You can revise what you’ve learned, but you cannot solely depend on them for new learning.

On top of that, you can use various applications dedicated to teaching the Japanese language. 

They are a good place to start as their primary goal is teaching beginners.

If you are looking to utilize your spare time to learn the language, using the best apps for learning Japanese is by far the best option.

So, first, let’s discuss the elephant in the room: which are the best Japanese learning apps?

What Is the Best Free App To Learn Japanese?

The Internet is filled to the brim with apps that claim to be the best. But the criteria to label something as best is whether the public likes it or not.

Therefore, we have selected the top six fan-favorite apps classified based on their payment method.

Moreover, there is one app that is leagues ahead of its competition. 

Hence, we haven’t included it in this general list and will have a detailed discussion about it once we list the top six.

Top 3 Paid Apps (Not Entirely)

1. Hiragana Quest

This app specializes in teaching Hiragana, one of the three types of Japanese writing systems. The other two are Katakana and Kanji.

The app is full of adventurous tasks and various activities that will fill your Japanese-learning journey with entertainment on top of learning.

Apple App Store // Google Playstore

2. Learn Japanese! - Kanji

Kanji is the most prevalent of all the Japanese writing systems. Learn Japanese! - Kanji offers you an insight into learning the script.

While the base app is free, there are in-app purchases to make this more beneficial. If you want to invest a small amount of money in learning a language that can be challenging without assistance, go for this application.

Apple App Store // Google Playstore

3. Tae Kim

This application or guide is like the holy grail of all Japanese teaching applications. It features some of the most complex grammar rules of the language.

What’s more, it explains everything from a native’s point of view, which is exactly what a beginner wants. What’s better than learning a language from the locals themselves?

Apple App Store // Google Playstore

Top 3 Free Apps

1. Duolingo

Is Duolingo good for learning Japanese? There are two opinions on this, but considering it is a free application, it is relatively adequate.

It focuses on quick, small lessons that a beginner can easily pick up on.

If you want to learn Japanese in your free time or use it during your travel to Japan, go for this application.

More than anything, its lessons are convenient and effective.

Apple App Store // Google Playstore

2. FluentU

FluentU is one of the most popular free applications for learning Japanese. 

It may not be the best, but it is one of the best Japanese learning apps.

If you are worried about learning the language from a strictly Japanese speaking instructor, FluentU will help you get things sorted with flashcards and translators.

Apple App Store // Google Playstore

3. Mondly

It is one of the few applications that focus on learning via games and mini tasks. 

If you are looking to learn Japanese while getting your daily entertainment dose, this app is for you.

Like the other best apps for learning Japanese, Mondly is also available on all mobile stores.

Apple App Store // Google Playstore

4. JapanesePod101

Finally, as we have seen these apps, it's time to look at the best in the business.

JapanesePod101 is by far the best app you can use to learn Nihongo, period.

Best App for Learning Japanese: JapanesePod101

The JapanesePod101 app is known as Innovative Language 101 and is free to download for all users worldwide.

What makes this app special is its uniqueness and its spotless user interface.

One might think that a Japanese teaching application would be pretty hard to operate, but it is totally the opposite.

Innovative Language 101 is straightforward to use and is suited to all age groups. From teenagers to senior citizens, everyone can comfortably use it.

Moreover, the application features some of the most legit and traditional tutors who will thoroughly guide you throughout your journey.

The experience is one to remember, and that is what makes people go for it. 

Once a person has started using JapanesePod101, the chances of him or her switching to another language-learning app are as thin as a rake.

Besides, the application is compatible with all types of devices. 

Hence, all you need is an Internet connection and a device of your choice, and you can learn Japanese from your home.

To address your query, let us see where and how you can get this application.

what's the best app for learning japanese?

Best App for Learning Japanese: Becoming Bilingual via the Internet

Where Can I Get It?

The application is entirely free to download, and aspiring learners from all around the globe can access it.

You can download the app on your phone, tablet, or even on your computer. Just head over to JapanesePod101 and follow the easy instructions.

It is available on all the major platforms, so whether you are an Android user or iPhone junkie, you can use the app.

It's even available for all Kindle and Amazon Fire tablet users.

Once you have downloaded it, you simply have to follow the instructions and get to work.

And, no, the instructions are not only in Japanese; you can also set the manual according to your desired language.

Amazed yet? All these premium features must be paid, right? Wrong. Learn more about it below.

Is It Completely Free?

The finest Japanese language learning apps include the best features, but they charge you for it.

This is why the JapanesePod101 is out of the ordinary.

It offers most of the courses, lessons, and worksheets entirely free of cost

Why? They believe that there should be no financial boundaries when one is eager to learn.

Perhaps this is what makes this app so popular among the public.

On the other hand, there are also some features and lessons that are paid for.

The paid features are entirely optional, and one can choose to go for them or not.

Still, if you were ever to invest in learning Japanese, this is the perfect place to invest.

What Makes It the Best App for Learning Japanese?

When talking about the positives of the JapanesePod101, the list can go on and on.

From convenience to expert tutors, the overall app is hard to flaw. 

Here are the top five perks that this app offers that make it uniquely quintessential:

1. Free Lessons

There are loads of free Japanese lectures pre-recorded on the application. Most of the courses are free of cost, and one can take full advantage of them.

Moreover, those who think that they will have to log in and fill in elaborate forms are wrong.  You can get the free lesson with complete access to all the study tools.

And if this wasn’t enough, every single lesson that goes live on the app is entirely free for the first three weeks.

We say with experience that three weeks are more than enough to master a lesson for anyone who eagerly wants to learn Japanese.

Also, every new lesson that is to come will also be free for the first three weeks. So, make sure to download the app now and don’t miss the opportunity.

2. Premium Monthly Gifts

The app values the customer’s experience more than anything. And for that reason, they offer gifts every month.

These gifts are extraordinarily premium and worth a month’s wait.

People may think that they might receive some worthless add-ons as gifts, but they are entirely wrong. 

To give you a better idea, here are the gifts that you can get for January:

  • Cooking Cheat Sheets containing day to day use cooking phrases
  • Visual flashcards to learn more vocabulary
  • Movie and show phrases
  • New Year Resolution phrases
  • A list of words to know in 2021

And the list goes on.

If you don’t want to miss out on these exclusive freebies, get the gifts right now.

3. Free Trial or $1 for the First Month

Once you download the app, you have two options. 

You can either use the free version for a lifetime or take a trial of the premium version for a whole week, entirely free.

The premium version offers a lot of exclusive features that the free version lacks.

Apart from this, there is one more possibility. You can ditch the one week trial and get the $25 premium subscription for a mere $1 for the first month.

The icing on the cake is that you don’t have to buy the premium version after the past month if you don’t like it. You can cancel the subscription at any time.

4. Benefits That Last Forever

There are several resources provided by Innovative Language 101 that last for a lifetime. 

Some of them are:

  • Free video lessons every week
  • Hundred plus lessons per series
  • A free lecture every day
  • A comprehensive, up-to-date vocabulary list
  • Many more bonus resources

With it, you can rest assured that once you give your full attention to this application, you will either leave as a Japanese master or never leave in the first place.

5. Free Worksheets

 We cannot learn anything without proper practice. In fact, the contrast between other apps and JapanesePod101 is practice and revision.

The average human brain isn’t capable of remembering things that it does not recall. Therefore, the vitality of worksheets and practice sheets cannot be stressed enough.

What could be better than getting these exclusive worksheets and quizzes for free?

Utilizing these will ensure that you don’t forget what you’ve already learned. 

Besides, they also provide a hands-on experience, which is utterly essential when learning a new language, much more a foreign one.

With that said, look at the benefits you can get if you subscribe to the paid plans.

jp101 banner lg

What Will I Get if I Subscribe To a Paid Plan?

It goes without saying that the benefits of the free version are included in the paid ones.

To give you an idea, here are a few of the benefits you get to enjoy if you subscribe to a paid plan:

  • Line by line audio dialogue
  • Video lectures in HD resolution
  • Daily exclusive Japanese lessons
  • Vocabulary as per the times
  • Slideshows and premium, elaborate flashcards
  • A detailed word bank
  • One-on-one learning with a certified Japanese teacher
  • Personalized learning program
  • And much more

If you want to invest in learning Japanese, you’ll have a hard time finding a better option than the premium version of Innovative Language.

Is Duolingo Good for Learning Japanese?

As mentioned, Duolingo is a free app you can use to learn Nihongo.

However, compared to paid options, you will find that it lacks features to help you really master the language.

What Is the Best Free App To Learn Japanese?

Nihongo can be a hard language to learn. Thankfully, there are apps you can use to help you master it.

You can use the best Japanese learning apps like JapanesePod101 to your advantage and make your journey smoother.

JapanesePod101 makes it easier to learn and practice the language using expert instructions and quality material.

As one of the best apps for learning Japanese, you can have one-on-one sessions with a professional instructor who will make things more transparent.

Really, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better way to learn Nihongo than from this state-of-the-art language-learning app.

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